Forest way into Fischlein-Valley

  • Time of walk: 2- 2 ½h
  • Signs: red-white-red, no 1A
  • Difference of altitude: 200m
  • Start: Hotel Alpenblick
  • Train/bus: bus Toblach-Innichen-Sexten
  • Huts: Talschluss-Hut
  • Map: KOMPASS no. 625


If there is one spot in the Sesto Dolomites that corresponds so completely to our idea of a Dolomite idyll, then it is probably the Fischleinboden. Shapes and colours come together to form a perfect picture, especially in autumn, of course, when the larches change colour, flare up golden, and the sky shows its deepest blue. Above the pine-covered slopes, light grey rock rises into the sky, to the right the massive Dreischusterspitze ( 3,145 m), to the left Rotwand ( 2,965 m) and Elfer ( 3,092 m), in the valley background the Zwölfer ( 3,094 m): natural wonder Fischleintal. Fish, however, can only be found on the menu of the Hotel Dolomitenhof (which, by the way, has been owned by the Innerkofler mountain guide dynasty for many generations) - the German name for this Dolomite valley is a corruption of the Latin "fiscalina", which means "belonging to the royal treasury" or liable to tribute. In this case, the Italian name Val Fiscalina is closer to the root of the name - but a rare exception!


The start is from the hotel via the "Waldweg Fischleintal" towards the beginning of the valley. Here you pass the sparse remains of the former Haideck fortress ( 1,413 m). Continue across beautiful larch meadows to the large car park ( 1,454 m) at the Hotel Dolomitenhof and on a sandy path across the lightly wooded Fischleinboden to the Talschlusshütte (1,526 m). Back to the Hotel Dolomitenhof, then left of the Fischleinbach stream on a road to Moos and back to the hotel.



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