Our wellness oasis with sauna world in Sesto / Sexten in the Dolomites

Effective heat

One thing we know for sure: sweating is healthy. Especially after a day outdoors, a sauna session works wonders. Relieve tension, relax your muscles and strengthen the immune system. A soothing experience with a high enjoyment and relaxation factor.

There are 3 sweat baths in the sauna area of Alpenblick. A herbal sauna, a steam bath and as a highlight: relaxing with a view of mountain peaks and fir tops in the outdoor sauna.


Zsigmondy panorama sauna in the Alpine Garden

Our Finnish outdoor sauna stimulates circulation and metabolism and cleanses the body. We recommend 10 to 15-minute sauna sessions with alternating cooling in our experience showers. With a view of the Dolomites through the panorama window. Just like in the middle of nature.

Tre Cime steam bath

Even the Romans knew about the healing and soothing effects of a steam bath cure. A 10 to 15-minute sauna session in our Zsigmondy steam bath followed by cooling off in the experience showers purifies and detoxifies, relieves and prevents rheumatic complaints.

Herbal Organic Sauna in the Alpine Stube

Infusions with Swiss stone pine and mountain pine, hay flower and lavender herbs or with extracts of pure essential oils. This is what you can expect in our Herbal Bio-Sauna: After a 10 to 15-minute sauna session, you can feel how the respiratory tract opens. In addition, this natural sauna promotes regeneration.

Natural stone heat bench at the village fountain

In addition to the classic cosy loungers in the relaxation room, you can also enjoy the pleasant warmth of the natural stone heat bench at our spa’s village fountain.

Relaxing on vacation

Between the sauna sessions, we recommend relaxing in the panorama relaxation room or in the relax barn, a dark relaxation room in alpine style, that reminds of an old hay barn, with hanging loungers and water beds.

Information on the use of the sauna area:

  • Only for adults 18+
  • Open from 2.00 to 7.30 p.m.

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