Holiday without dog in the South Tyrolean Dolomites

We are a hotel without pets

Finally it’s holiday time, finally a chance to switch off and escape from everyday life. For many people this is difficult when in the foyer, in the neighboring room or in the garden the dear but curious and lively dog of another guest is exploring its surroundings.


As much as for many people their best friend on four legs is part of their holiday happiness, we also respect that there are people who would like to enjoy their holiday in a hotel without pets.

Hotel without pets

Dog-free holiday in the Dolomites

Several reasons have prompted us to offer a dog-free holiday in South Tyrol.

Many people suffer greatly from their allergy to animal hair. Therefore, they are grateful if they can stay in a hotel where no pets shed their fine hair in the rooms, suites and other premises.

It is often not obvious to dog owners, but there are people who are simply afraid of dogs. Regardless of whether this fear is justified or not, we want to offer these guests the opportunity to enjoy a stress-free holiday.