Our spa area in Sesto / Sexten in the Dolomites - Massages & Beauty

The healing power of nature

Relax, detoxify, regenerate. Beneficial ingredients can be found everywhere in the Sesto mountain world. Use the holiday to do your body good. You can choose betweeen the skilled hands of the masseurs, caring baths in alpine flowers or hay as well as facial treatments. Loosen muscular tensions, create harmony for body and soul and draw new energy.

Our massages & treatments with natural products as well as all products Made in South Tyrol are marked with the Alpenblick seal of quality. We also use the power of nature in various other parts of our Alpenblick hotel. Find out more …

Wellness tip from the hostess

Now and then our body needs a little extra care. The mountains of Sesto provide us with highly effective natural essences. In our various treatments, the best properties of these natural remedies are used. A few days in the mountains can work wonders.

Your host Sabine

Wellness tip

Alpenblick Massages & Treatments


Alpine baths for your health
Bath Duration Price
Hay flowers & juniper
Tiredness after sport
Feel reborn, relaxed, stronger. Select medicinal herbs harvested from highaltitude meadows of the South Tyrolean Alps will help you melt away the fatigue of an intense day.
90 minutes € 110.00
Alpine mud with mountain pine
To detox and reinvigorate
An absolute wellness “must” for those who love Alpine traditions. The scent of Swiss pine is unmistakably alpine and in combination with fine-grained natural sediments it favours body detoxification through the skin. It also has a toning and strengthening action – an excellent starting point for a beautiful and healthy skin.
90 minutes € 110.00


Massages for your health
Massage Duration Price
Massage with marmot oil
The oil of life
This special oil reactivates the blood circulation and alleviates pains and tensions. Effective for rheumatisms, whiplash and skin problems.
50 minutes € 70.00
Massage with mountain and scots pine
For crumped muscles
This massage with a wonderful Alpine perfume stimulates blood circulation, reinforces your body and gives your skin a healthy complexion.
50 minutes € 70.00
Massage with hay flowers and juniper
Tiredness after an active day
Relaxing and invigorating massage for your body.
50 minutes € 70.00
Massage with wild thyme and swiss pine
Regeneration for muscles and joints
This massage has an invigorating and purifying effect on your body, gives new freshness to your skin and reinforces the nerves.
50 minutes € 70.00
Massage with arnica
The healing energy
Arnica is a well-known and appreciated medicinal herb. A massage with arnica oil has a deep effect, stimulates blood circulation and gives you a refreshing and stimulating sensation. Effective for muscle strains, contusions and muscle soreness.
50 minutes € 70.00
Massages for your beauty
Massage Duration Price
Massage with apple and rose hip
“Special treatment for your skin”
This alpine beauty massages gives elasticity and freshness to your skin.
50 minutes € 70.00
Massage with grape seeds and sea-buckthorn
Ideal for mature skin
A cocktail of vitamins for your skin. Try the new sensation and the antioxidant effect of these sensitive oils on your skin.
50 minutes € 70.00
Massage with marigold and chamomile
For sensitive and irritated skin
The ideal treatment for tired skin. Enjoy this beauty massage with both relaxing and moisturizing effects on your skin.
50 minutes € 70.00
Massage with St. John’s wort
A balm for skin and nerves
This medicinal herb has a soothing effect in the alleviation of breakdown, problems with the nervous system, scar tissues, burns and skin wounds.
50 minutes € 70.00
Classic massages
Massage Duration Price
Alpenblick’s antistress massage
A whole-body massage with valuable Alpine herbal oils which help effect a profound relaxation of the body and aid you in forgetting day-to-day stress.
50 minutes € 70.00
Manager massage
An effective massage for the neck and shoulder area. Recommended for all desk workers.
50 minutes € 70.00
Foot zone stimulating massage
50 minutes € 75.00
Lymph stimulating massage
Very gentle, very relaxing
A gentle stroking and pumping massage stimulates the entire lymphatic system. This reduces swelling and congestion, the body is purified.
50 minutes € 75.00
Alpine massage with warm herbal bags
Blockages at energy nodes are opened and new, fresh vitality can flow through the body. The warmth stimulates the metabolism, increases flexibility, and activates the circulatory system. The alpine massage with herbal bags has a very relaxing, regenerating, purifying effect which also helps the body rid itself of waste products and stimulates the flow of blood.
50 minutes € 85.00

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