Your host family & our philosophy

A close-knit team

A holiday at the Alpenblick is two things in particular: honest and sustainable. If you are looking for an infinite number of activities and appreciate a relaxed atmosphere with high standards at the same time, then the Dolomites.Life.Hotel Alpenblick is the right place for you. We offer holidays and lifestyle on a high level, a lot of love for detail and in addition, a unique culinary experience.

What makes us truly special: we live our hotel’s values. We are ourselves enthusiastic about sports, environmentally conscious and value trust and team spirit.

Behind all that makes the Alpenblick what it is, stands a close-knit team around the Lanzinger family, who care deeply about our house. Many employees have been working here and taking care of the guests’ wishes for “umpteen” years. Anyone who has been able to call the Alpenblick their holiday home will hopefully be happy to come back –to enjoy the ambience they have come to love and appreciate. At the Alpenblick you will always be greeted with a warm smile.

Hosts Family Lanzinger

The host family

All members of the he Lanzinger family share a passion for sports and nature.
So if you don’t find them in the hotel, they are of course – how could it be any different – outside.

Family Lanzinger


Always aiming high: Sabine is always active and loves sports – especially cross-country skiing in winter. When mountain-biking, she is more the uphill type. Sabine is also also the one responsible for the decoration of the entire hotel, much of it is handmade. If you share her love for detail, you will find Sabine's signature everywhere around the house.



... likes to be out in nature. In winter cross-country skiing is his favourite sport to practice and in summer he covers countless kilometres on his mountain bike. Markus is the E-MTB specialist of the Alpenblick – mountain-biking is more of a passion for him than just a simple hobby. His motto: If you can make the trail by foot, you can also go by bike. If you can keep up with him, you may accompany him on a tour every now and then. Markus’ second favourite hobby is – who could have guessed – cooking.


Lukas & Hannes

These two are 14 and 16 years young and very active in sports. Cross-country skiing, MTB, running and swimming – and that’s why they do triathlon as a competitive sport. Always busy, they are seldom found in the house, but they do whirl through the corridors from time to time.

Lukas & Hannes

At the reception you will meet ...

Ariane & Margit

They welcome you to the Alpenblick and have many an insider tip in store for you. A sunrise tour on Monte Elmo, for example.
Shhh! Just ask ...

Without him there would be no Alpenblick culinarium ...

Chef Florian

Everything he uses must be regional and sustainable, as for the rest, he’s always good for a surprise. The Alpenblick gourmet pleasure starts at the welcome aperitif with the finest finger food.

Always happy to chat…

Waiter Jan

Excellent service is a must for him. He likes to combine it with wit and cordiality and is particularly popular with our guests.

The boss in our wine cellar ...

Sommelier Priscilla

She will help you choose the right wine to go with your dish. Priscilla says: Without a good glass of wine, a culinary experience is not complete. And you will find that she is right.

Always there when you need him …

Caretaker Jan

Jan’s fitness watch not only counts his steps he around the house and in the corridors of the Alpenblick, but also the kilometres he covers in the Sesto mountain world after work.