Aussergsell, 2.007 m

Flower fields under grey rocks!
On the Außergsell, 2.007 m

  • Starting point: Hotel Alpenblick
  • Walking time: ascent 2 hrs, descent 1 ¼ hrs; total 3 ¼ hrs.
  • Character: Steep, but mostly shady ascent to the flower meadows below the Gsell knot.
  • Refreshment: None on the way
  • Card: COMPASS No. 625

To the north of the mighty massif of the Dreischusterspitze (3145 m), towards the Sesto Valley, there are two lightly wooded hilltops. They consist of Werfen layers, which provide beautiful fossils. However, the Inner and Aussergsell are better known for their flora, which is as lush as it is rich in species. Together with the beautiful views, this is reason enough to visit at least one of the two Gsellen. By the way, these are not - as one might assume - journeymen of the "shoemaker"; the name is derived from Latin and refers to an alp Cunasella, which is mentioned in an Innichner document of 965.

The start takes place directly from the hotel to the centre of Sesto (1316 m), first over the Sesto stream, then uphill over meadows towards the mouth of the Gselltal. The little road soon becomes a sandy track, then a narrow path that climbs very steeply through the wooded ditch. At first there's no view, only at last the rock falls of the Gsellknotens (2773 m) show up. At the road spider (1960 m; panels) at the back of Außergsell (2007 m), keep right and climb briefly up to the summit meadow with bench.

The descent leads first gently down to the Außergsellwiesen (1955 m), where an alpine road ends. You then cross it several times, then follow it from the Graben der Heuriese over a wide loop down into the Ixenwald forest. Here a marked path branches off to the right, which leads down into the Sesto Valley in the forest. In the hamlet of Schmieden (1288 m) you enter the settlement area of Sexten. Through the village to the village centre and back to the hotel in Moos.

Into the Innerfeld valley
The ascent of Außergsell can easily be combined with a detour into the Innerfeld valley. A marked path leads over the Steinalpe down to the picturesque Dolomitental, where you can stop at the Dreischusterhütte (1626 m). Descent and return via the valley trail, see Tour 22; total walking time approx. 5 hrs ½ .

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