Fixed rope route "Sentiero attrezzato Ivano Dibona"

Cristallino d’Ampezzo, 3008 m

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Valuation of the tour: difficult
  • Details of the via ferrata: 65 % steel rope, 35 % path and exposed path with a fiew ladders and a long hanging-bridge
  • Duration: ca. 8 ½ hours
  • Ascent: 1720m of altitude
  • Descent: 740m of altitude
  • Time of approach: ca. 1 ½ hours
  • Time on the via ferrata: ca. 5 hours – 600m of altitude
  • Descent: ca. 2 hours
  • Position: North-West

Difficulty and general information:
Famous via ferrata above Cortina, which is made not that often like in this description.

Starting point:
From Toblach we turn left in the direction Cortina trough the Höhlenstein Valley, passing Schluderbach to „Gemärk“ (Cimabanche, province border) and further to the Restaurant Ospitale (1475m, parking at the road edge).

From Ospitale (way number 203) we go down to the bycicle way Cortina-Toblach and cross the river (bridge). We follow a steep path ca. 250m uphill. At the sign „Ferrata Ivano Dibona“ we follow the path left trough the forest always uphill until Col dei Stombe (2040m) and further to the start of the via ferrata (2330m).

From Rifugio Lorenzi we go down with the cable car to Rifugio Son Forcia (2210m) and there we follow the way number 203 to the west. We go trough the Padeon Valley (large forest way) until we reach the crossing to the via ferrata (sign „Ferrata Ivano Dibona“). We follow the way back to Ospitale.

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