Fixed rope route "Francesco Berti"


  • Difficulty: diffiult
  • Valuation of the tour: medium complexity
  • Details of the via ferrata: 70% steel rope, ladders, 30% exposed path
  • Duration: ca. 9½ hours
  • Ascent: 800m of altitude
  • Descent: 850m of altitude
  • Time of approach: ca. 4 hours to the beginning of Cengia del Banco
  • Time on the via ferrata: ca. 3 hours (incl. Cengia del Banco) – ca. 200 m of altitude in ascent and descent (without Cengia del Banco)
  • Descent: ca. 2 ½ hours
  • Position: West

Difficulty and general information:
This via ferrata is normally a part of the Sorapiss-Round. It‘s a very long tour and only makeable for experienced climbers.

Starting point:
We go to Dobbiaco and further trough the Höhlenstein Valley to Cortina. There is a big parking place next of the Faloria-Cable Car. We go up to the top station.

From the top station (2113m) we follow way number 213 to Rifugio Tondi. Further on the same way to Forcella Faloria, were the ways divide. We go straight ahead over way number 215 in the direction Punta Nera, up to Forcella della Punta Nera and on the other side shortly steep downhill (steel rope). At the next crossing, we go straight ahead (number 242) to Forcella Sora la Cengia del Banco. After short climbing-parts we reach the west part of Sorapiss and follow the way trough the Croda Marcora to Cengia del Banco (partially secured and exposed path).

From Bivacco Slataper (end of the via ferrata) to the way crossing and over the right way (number 246) to Forcella Grande. We go to Rifugio San Marco (way number 226) and from there to Rifugio Scotter (Top station of the cable car). Descent with the cable car and back by feet to San Vito.


Fixed rope route "Francesco Berti" in the Ampezzo Dolomites | Hotel Alpenblick

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