Fixed rope route "Rotwand"

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Valuation of the tour: medium complexity
  • Details of the via ferrata: 20 % steel rope, a few iron ladders at the beginning, 80 % path and exposed path
  • Duration: ca. 6 hours
  • Rise and descent: 1020m of altitude
  • Time of approach: ca. 1 ¼ hours
  • Time on the via ferrata: ca. 2 ½ hours – 690m of altitude
  • Descent: ca. 2 ¼ hours
  • Position: North, West, East
  • Requirements: surefootedness

Difficulty and general information:
Long and very frequented rise with a steep ladder at the beginning.

Starting point:
Top station of the cable car Rotwand at Moos.

We go to the top station of Rotwand cable-car. We follow way no. 100 over the meadows of Rotwand until the “Rotwandköpfe”. We follow the marking “Rotwand-Klettersteig” on 2300m. The beginning of the via ferrata is an 40m iron ladder.

From the top we pass the „Wurzbachgipfel“ (shortly before the ladder). There you can go through a rock splitting and you follow the Burgstall-Way (number 15b) back to the starting point.

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