Fixed rope route "Cascate delle Val di Fanes"

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Valuation of the tour: easy route
  • Duration: ca. 4 hours
  • Ascent and descent: 500 m of altitude
  • Time on the via ferrata: max. ½ hour
  • Descent: From the first path to the starting point ca. 35 minutes, from the second to the starting point ca. 1 ½ hours
  • Position: different

Difficulty and general information:
Two short and easy via ferratas near the Fanes-River.

Starting point:
From Dobbiaco trough the Höhelenstein Valley (direction Cortina), passing Schluderbach and Cimabanche (Gemärk) to the first left-curve. Directly in the curve, there is a small street at the right side (Sign: Ra Stua). There is a big parking place at the beginning of the closed street to „Ra Stua Alp“.

From the parking place left we go down over a forest way to the river and then over meadows further to a large forest-way which leads trough the Fanes Valley to Fanes Alp (Way number 10-401). Shortly after the bridge „Ponte Outo“ (deep canyon) stands a bench. There begins and ends the first via ferrata (Ferrata G. Barabara). From the bench we go over way number 10 steep uphill until we reach a forest way which we follow. At the signpost we follow the path at the right side to the via ferrata „Ferrata Cengia de Mattia“below the waterfalls and over a bridge to the forest street

Over the forest way to the starting point.

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