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The good things from our region

Regional & social


For a long time now, the food we use has been as regional and fresh as possible. No convenience products or pre-packaged meal, no plastic.

The Alpenblick cuisine needs the good things our own surroundings have to offer: unadulterated products and ingredients that are produced and processed in the immediate vicinity. In the future, we will focus almost exclusively on the Trentino-Alto Adige region and neighbouring East Tyrol for our selection of products. From summer onwards, we will offer only regional products and seasonal food in our kitchen*.

Together with the kitchen team we select the best suppliers of the region. Due to the short transport distances, we thus help protect the environment. We also aims to support the valley’s farmers and the local agriculture by carefully and consciously selecting producers from the area.

Today we already offer South Tyrolean quality wines only, as well as various beverages, such as homemade juices and teas, as well as high-quality distillates Made in South Tyrol. We will continue to expand our range with high quality coffee from a South Tyrolean roasting plant.

*Except for certain basic foodstuffs which our region cannot supply, e. g. salt, sugar and the like.